Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration

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Goods And Services Tax (GST) Registration

GST Registration Process- Some basic facts before starting Enrollment Application

It is worth mentioning here that all existing taxpayers registered under the Central Excise, Service Tax, State Sales Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT), Entry Tax, Luxury Tax and Entertainment Tax are required to provide their details at the GST Common Portal managed by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) for the purpose of migrating themselves to the GST regime.

To begin with, the State VAT Department will be communicating the Provisional ID and password to registered taxpayers with the VAT Department.

Dealers shall use the Provisional ID and password to create their username and password for accessing the portal and provide their details.

Once the taxpayers provide their details, there will be no need for them to register again with State or Center once the GST Act is implemented.

Taxpayers are advised not to share their credentials i.e. - Provisional ID username or password with anyone.

It is to be noted here that all Taxpayers, who have valid PAN will be migrated to GST

Existing Taxpayers can enroll themselves through provisionally provided GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) called as Provisional ID and update their business related details on the GST portal.

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