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Setting up a business overseas and more specifically in emerging Asian countries have been liberalised over the years, however it demands professional expertise and systematic approach right from the formation of entities and its structures, approvals if required, legal compliances and registration with various authorities.

U. Pandey & Associates , on the basis of "Turnkey" methodology, provides services ranging from overseas ventures and / or business setup solutions, assisting in getting all technical approvals, legal compliances, registrations with the concerned authorities etc. in shortest possible time.

Our experienced team is dedicated and focussed in identifying opportunities to boost and enhance optimally the benefits and profits from the investments to be made.

Our overseas ventures and strategy team offer services ranging from:

  • Identifying the best possible venture and strategy options keeping in mind the amount, time-period, and risk involved in the same;

  • Appraising risk-return profile of the proposed overseas ventures;

  • Providing a comprehensive and structured information on all the viable and sustainable options;

  • Tackling country specific procedural compliances, intricacies and solutions thereof;

  • Supervise the entire process from beginning to the end.

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Setting Up Business Overseas

Setting Up Business Overseas


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